Oh, Sugar...
The brief for this project was to rebrand, package and advertise mundane, everyday household products, such as sugar. The idea came about from the way that people turn down the top of sugar packets instead of putting it into a proper container, leaving a mess of sugar absolutely everywhere when used.
The packaging created in responce to this is a simple box-like carton with an inner lining (paper or plastic depending on the type of sugar) to keep it fresh, whilst the outer carton acts as a better way to store sugar; therefore creating less mess! The shape of the packaging will also make it much easier to stack on shelves in supermarkets than that of current.
The target audince for the product would be for any age consumer, but specifically targeting people like students who don't have money or nice kitchens with fancy storage containers.
Alongside the branding and creation of the packaging, there was the advertising side, needing a catchy campaign to sell the new product. The idea shown was to keep that play on words running through the ad campaign, linking with mistakes made during common daily uses for sugar based on the type, such as tea in this instance. What do you do when you've made a mistake in the kitchen, you reach for the kettle and make a cuppa!